Friday, 16 September 2011

Zombie Romance

Hello there Zombiology Students,

Despite the title of today’s ZomBlog we’re not going to be informing you about safe sexual practice with zombies! I actually had the pleasure of being contacted by a Seattle based band, the Little Black Bottles, who have just released their second album, Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake, which features some zombie related songs. 

Myke & Jackie Fedyk, I particularly love Myke's glasses!

Although usually reviewing research papers, today I’m taking time out to give my opinion on these musical musings on Zombieism.

The first track, Letter to Miguel, is based on one of the classic zombie films, Day of the Dead. Here I think we get an insight into the issue of science versus violence with regard to zombies. The lines, “Logan's gone insane, he thinks he's found a way they can be tamed, he's given one a name, and he keeps it in his lab on the end of a chain” shows that it’s hard to be a scientist during a zombie outbreak without everyone thinking you’re crazy. All because Dr. Logan is trying to make friends with Bub, a lovely young zombie and conducting important experiments with the zombified remains of some soldiers he is accused of going too far and is executed. 

Even Bub loves 'Letter to Miguel', well either that or Dr.Logan is conducting a probe...
Further through the song we start to get some brilliant advice for when the zombies truly arrive. “Well we all know there's no cure, and we gotta get out of this cave, and there's no way to fight it for sure, we gotta find an island that's safe.” Lots of sound advice here, as I always say, “you can always make new friends but there’s no cure for Zombieism”, until a cure is found don’t hesitate to use your friends as potential bait to allow you to escape. If you are unsure of the order to sacrifice them, start with the least famous, this is how they do it in Hollywood. The next line provides more sage advice, never trap yourself in a confined environment when zombies attack, it never ends well. A more open space, like the island suggested next, is far better. This way you can see zombies coming, as well as clear the area of them when you first arrive.

Overall I enjoy the cheeky and energetic tone of ‘Letter to Miguel’, the vocal styling’s of Myke Fedyk sound to me like a cross between an Irish folk song & 1970s punk, and like the zombie disease itself ‘Letter to Miguel’ is extremely catchy.

But our favourite track here at the Zombie Institute is by far, Zombie Romance. It deals beautifully with the tragic tale of someone left behind after their partner is turned into a zombie. The beautiful voice of singer, Jackie Fedyk, sets up the atmosphere of a sorrowful siren bringing a seriousness that adds to the humour.

But they are covering a pertinent ethical issue often overlooked during a zombie outbreak. How would you feel if you’re soul mate succumbed to the zombie disease? What would you do in the name of love? ‘Zombie Romance’ forces you to consider this. “Now you are lost to me a flesh eating zombie, in my dreams you chase me every night.”

Singer Jackie Fedyk brings a magnificent eeriness to 'Zombie Romance'
 Our protagonist then contemplates a severe course of action, “this plague killed your brain but does it kill your heart, if I'm a zombie too we won't have to be apart.” Becoming a zombie to join the one you love, it has such a tragic nobility to it all. More importantly this song illustrates why research and development into Zombieism cures is so crucial, people should never have to suffer the circumstances described in ‘Zombie Romance.’

Fans of the Marvel Zombies will be all too aware of how these issues affected Peter Parker, much to our annoyance.
Being a Zombiologist and not a fully qualified music critic I’ve stuck to the zombie-based tracks here, but the rest of the album is a lovely series of songs in the horror/sci-fi themed folk/pop/rock music genres and a great listen. 

Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake Album Cover
You should definitely head over to the Little Black Bottles Official site ( and have a listen to their other work at their Bandcamp home as well. (                

Best wishes,

Doctor Austin

Doctor Austin ZITS BSz MSz DPep is head of the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies and Zombiologist Royal to Her Majesty the Queen

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