Thursday, 1 December 2011

Walking Dead Rise of the Governor: Competition Winners

Greetings Zombiology Students,

The big moment is here, time to announce the winners of the Walking Dead competition. It wasn’t easy, picking just four out of all your wonderful entries. Well some were wonderful, some were down right terrifying, the things you people would do in this event, my word!

It was somewhat disappointing that nearly every entry came down on the side of violence. In fact no one at all suggested finding a cure. At least I know good old Hershel is with me on this. Well maybe not after last week’s episode!

I realize she doesn't look like my wife anymore, but the sex is still the same
So without further ado, here they are:

‘Naturally, knee capping my partner ala Shane to buy me time would certainly be an easy/quick option. However, since it's early in the outbreak I would look for the nearest manhole cover to secure my hasty retreat!’


‘If I found myself surrounded by zombies closing in during the outbreak in Atlanta, I would first pop open the trunk (boot) to the nearest vehicle(s) and grab a tire iron. It should be the most common to find hardened implement in a street setting to defend myself with and also is a handy tool. It can be used with leverage to force open padlocks or chains on locked gates, and to smash windows for access to vehicles and buildings.  I'd also grab a flashlight being another common item in a car, and essential to my initial escape plan. Lacking that, I'd use a lighter or matches.  I'm now minimally equipped with two items- tool/weapon and light source (potential for fire).

Given a downtown scenario in a large metropolitan area, I doubt I'd last long in the streets and nearby buildings would be likely to house more zombies or potentially dangerous panicked civilians. My hunch would be that at the onset of an outbreak, the least likely place to encounter zombies or other folks would be in the sewer system. If I could access a manhole cover with advance time, I'd use the tire iron for leverage and to help close the lid when descending.  The most important thing at this point would be to get my bearings straight so that I know what street direction I'm facing and to align myself as closely as possible to the direction of the assumed "safe" house. If I do encounter zombies in tunnel, the slight advantage I have is being able to defend myself without being quickly outnumbered and surrounded as I would be on the streets above.

Of course in the unlikely event that I'm outnumbered by zombies in both directions of a tunnel, I'm pretty much done for. But you can't live by giving up, so I would fight to the next manhole access and work on a plan B, by skipping across the tops of car rooftops. I'd also do this given no time to get tools or access to a sewer manhole. Zombies would likely be on the street itself, not as agile to quickly climb up a vehicle and would not be found posing across the tops of engine hoods like Tawny Kitaen in a Whitesnake video. Moving across the top of vehicles where possible would also provide better visibility and help identify an escape path.

Once safe from the immediate threat of large numbers of zombies in downtown Atlanta, I'd seek the long term needs such as food, water, medical supplies, better weapons, and transportation.’


‘As it is likely to be taking place during the day (people would be less inclined to venture out in the dark), I can assume that the outbreak has attracted the attention of the emergency services, at first to secure the area, and latterly to evacuate the survivors. Knowing this would also indicate that some emergency servicemen have fallen to the horde; police officers, ambulance workers and fireman to name but a few.

With this in mind, my first instinct would be to find the nearest police squad car, always careful that there isn't any infected officers nearby, or worse; an infected prisoner inside. As with all US Police Squad cars, they come standard equipped with a Police Scanner, a GPS, and a 12 Gauge Shotgun in the trunk. Upon hatching the trunk and freeing the shotgun from its hold, I would now be armed and, whether I had to hotwire the car or was lucky enough to find the keys nearby, I would have my escape vehicle.
I guess this stuff is practical, but I was really hoping for a crispy cream 
After clearing the surrounding area of any infected, I would drive to a nearby safe spot, not the Safe House suggested. From here I'd be close enough to hold back for any survivors, but far away from the immediate danger of the Zombie Horde. Using the Police Scanner/CB Radio, I would track and locate any potential safe zone, and/or confirm just how safe the aforementioned safe house actually is. With this information, and any potential survivors I have come across/saved in the interim, I would head to a nearby store for supplies.

At the store, shotgun in hand, I would grab some emergency supplies; tinned food, bottled water, first aid kits being the primary targets. Once supplied, I would return to the car and base my next destination on my earlier investigation; NOT on the impulsive suggestions of any would be heroes now attached to my convoy. 

If I was challenged by any of my fellow survivors, I would ram the butt of my gun into the naysayer's face, breaking their nose and firmly establishing who was in charge. Now, with the survivors knowing I am calling the shots, we could retreat to my desired destination with a vehicle, weapon and supplies.’  


‘I wouldn’t try to escape but rather get bitten and become one with my zombie family, embracing the zombieness for its benefits; no more concern about appearance, bills or the stress of the daily grind. Why are zombie’s always the bad guys, they are neither good nor bad, they just are.’


A brand new copy of the book is winging its way to you all now.

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I really wanted a bike, but thanks anyway honey
What better gift to give a loved one this Christmas than the gift of survival.  

Best wishes,

Doctor Austin
Doctor Austin ZITS BSz MSz DPep, is a Theoretical Zombiologist and Head of the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies at the University of Glasgow, Scotland UK. 


  1. I love GR's entry; Shane would be proud!!! Kim xxx

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